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Winter is Hot

This year's January received the tag of hottest January on Earth since recorded history. It exceeded the average temperature of Earth in January by 1.14 degree celsius.

Not only this, this record of the hottest january has been renewing consecutively since 2016. And that invites our concern.

Earth is getting warmer. Glaciers are going down at an alarming rate. Where are we headed towards as a civilization? When will we be more concerned about the environment, the earth and finally us rather than national boundaries, religious differences, racism and other pity matters?

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Antarctica temperature has crossed records and that's another concerning part. It has touched 20c for the first time and the temperature of that part has been recorded since 1961. It's been rightly said -our previous generations have left us with all the challenges to deal with and they are least bothered to tackle this menace. If every nation makes being carbon neutral their main motto till 2030 , then we might have some hope, rather than being dependant upon those countries which are emitting less carbon footprint. Bureaucrats should play a pivotal role in this but the understanding that the economies and everything will fall due to climate change is not adhered to.In this same context more and more trees should be planted and drilling and exploitation of nature has to be stopped and we can see what Adani and some others are doing with the help of our govt. All this has to change.

Buddy completely agree with you.

Our science is more advanced now. We can still turn it around but the only problems is that the nations and their governments aren't keen enough to look towards this issue. Organising some international level summits and forgetting about it till the next meeting has become the fashion. Especially right now, every major national governments are concerned with fulfilling their particular pity goals in their respective countries. They don't give a damn about climate change. They're inefficient as well as uninterested.

Our generation has to come up with immediate actions.

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I feel that it's not that they give damn about climate change but they hardly know or understand what is happening. Both Modi and trump have given some initial comments which even a 7th class student can challenge them. Only spiritual enlightenment is being focussed upon by the seniors and about the climate, they hardly are aware or else the uncles in our neighborhood won't waste water and electricity. There might be another part of this story and that is we might be late for making any changes now as the effects have already started to happen and certain realities won't be discussed at all.

modiji is a brilliant scientific minded person. don't you dare dwarf his level of knowledge. If he wouldn't have been there to advise the Indian Army about how they could use the dense clouds to escape from the Pakistani radars, I think there wouldn't be any air-strikes in the Indian history.

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Dense clouds to escape pakistani radars , debatable episode that was. but we already had the first air strike in border ( I mean 1971).