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Green environment

One of the most widely discussed and least action oriented topic of today's toxic world...

What's small steps or action can be taken by common people to make environment green and better for oncoming 

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It is true that small steps can make a big impact if taken collectively. We have to develop and change our habits. 

We've to develop some habits where we:

- use as less energy as we can. Just follow your father, he will teach you how to save electricity.

-use less paper. yep! just go digital. The use of energy here will be compensated handsomely. Trees will be saved.

-use less-or-no plastic at all. That's a dream that must be fulfilled. Plastic is non-biodegradable. It needs to be cut out of our lives entirely.

-use more of your body while moving from one place to another, at least for shorter distances.

-cut fewer trees and plant more, not just to compensate but to increase the greenery. Come who doesn't want Oxygen?

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Every country has different challenges that they are facing regarding keeping the environment green and clean. On the other hand citizens of each and every country can do their bit in saving the environment by taking somewhat similar and small steps that would impact the world in a huge and drastic way. 

Some basic and important things people can do to insure an everlasting life on earth could be - 

1. Planting as many trees inside and around their houses. 

2. Using electricity judiciously. 

3. Attaching water saving nosels to water taps in their houses.

4. Using reusable cloth bags when buying groceries. 

5. Eating as much less meat as possible. 

6. Trying to walk to places that are near by rather than using transport. 

These small initiatives and gestures towards our environment could change the face of Earth towards a better tomorrow.