India Russia collab for ‘AIM-Sirius Innovation Programme’ | Updated: November 09, 2020, 2:46 IST

India Russia collab for ‘AIM-Sirius Innovation Programme’

India’s Atal Innovation Mission and Russia’s Sirius come together to launch ‘AIM-Sirius Innovation Programme 3.0’, a 14-day virtual programme that will provide a platform to the bright ‘techie’ school going children of India and Russia, to develop innovative tech solutions (mobile and web based) for the redressal of global issues.

In a first such virtual bilateral youth innovative initiative between India and Russia, about 48 students and 16 mentors will team up to produce 8 virtual products and mobile apps, aiming to address global challenges related to culture, distance education, applied cognitive science, health & well-being, sports, fitness and gaming training, chemistry, Artificial Intelligence, and digital financial assets amidst Covid-19 pandemic.

The idea behind this year’s programme is to encourage collaboration and innovation in science, technology, and design products.

The solutions brought up by these students during this exercise will inspire the development of 21st century technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, app development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 3D design & printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, UI/UX, gamification, data analytics & visualisations, and rapid prototyping among others, in India.

Last year, in a similar research-based programme, a cohort of 25 Indian students and 5 teachers had visited Sirius centre in Russia, where they developed 8 different tech-based products as to solve the issues pertaining to remote earth sensing, drones & robotics, clean energy, biological & genetic research, and data analytics & frontier technologies. 

All of the innovations were then presented to Russian president Vladimir Putin who lauded the talent and spirit of young techies.

What is Atal Innovation Mission & its “tinkering labs”?

Nitin Aayog’s flagship initiative to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across the country, Atal Innovation Mission aims to provide a platform through which creativity and innovation can be inculcated, encouraged, supported, and mentored. 

AIM is establishing world class ‘Atal Incubators’ across the country so as to promote entrepreneurship at University, NGOs, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Corporate industry levels by supporting startups in every sector and all the states.

Atal Tinkering Labs is another determined attempt to cultivate creativity and innovative mindset at the school level. Under this, a grant of Rs 20 lakh is being offered to schools PAN-India to build a specific room called as ‘tinkering lab’. These labs will be equipped with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits based on latest technologies like 3D printing, Robotics, Miniaturized electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things etc. 

The students will be allowed to tinker with these kits as to generate curiosity and dig out creativity. The teachers are also to receive training so that they can effectively help the young minds flourish. 

Additionally, this whole mission directs the country towards a future where we are not only modern and technologically advanced, but also self-reliant (Atma-nirbhar).

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